Sports side of the company

Sports side of the company

The company VBase, while developing the information portal, also actively participates in attending sports tournaments and social events.

  In Bazez held his first tournaments in football in the Odessa city championships: League of Commonwealth of the South Division, the All-Ukrainian Championship of Ukraine on mini soccer V9ky and Odessa League of Champions.

The company has established itself with a worthy side. In the Commonwealth League, which is one of the most famous leagues in mini-football in Odessa, fighting with one of the strongest teams took the 5th place, losing only 4 points to 3 places Rosko Grup and 6 points to Orion 2 place, which for the debut is very even a serious indicator!

In the 9th (All-Ukrainian mini-football championship), the team started from the second round and did not have a sports tournament interest, as the organizers noted, held very confident and strong matches, and if she played from the first round, she would fight for the main prize trip to Kiev. In Kiev, champions of cities compete among themselves, which is also very honorable. In the Odessa Champions League the team plays in the 7th league, where now it is fighting for prizes.

In the future, we wish the sportsmen and organizers of the company wins and creative successes in projects where the company plans to attract more youth to sports events!

2017-09-20 14:14:58