How to become a partner of the customer?


Description of partnership program "Partner-customer"

Do you have many orders, but few authors? Do not you want to let down your customers? Do you have a website with limited functionality and support? Do you have authors for some specialties? Are your orders long idle and do not bring you income?

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If you are interested in your customer being always satisfied with the quality of the work done, then become our "Partner-customer". Thanks to the large number of authors of our system and the competitive price, your orders will always be fulfilled on time and you will be in benefit. Leave a request for a partnership and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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What do we offer?

Order accounting system

Accounting of orders, transfer of orders by status, storage of order history

Authors selection

All authors are tested before evaluating and accepting orders


Getting advice from operators on authors and other issues

Integration of orders

Integration of orders from your site into the personal cabinet of our site

Reduction of commission

The site commission depends on your activity on our resource

Easy payment

Instant balance replenishment in more than 30 ways