How to become a partner-promoter?


Description of partnership's program "Partner-promoter"

You are an active person, spend a lot of time with friends, actively communicate in social networks, maintain your blog, participate in the life of forums, have your own website and want it to bring you income?

Earn easy!

Step 1

Register in the partnership's program.

Step 2

Get promotional materials - advertising materials.

Step 3

Sent  the traffic to our site.

Step 4

 Get with partnership's program

The site VBaze invites you to join the partnership's​​​​​​​ program, to become our advertising agent,

Become our "Partner-promoter"!

Distribute promotional materials to our website and your personal link. The more attracted users, the more you earn!

In the personal account of the site you will be able to track all statistics in detail:

  • How many users clicked on your link
  • How many users were registered
  • How many users have placed an order
  • How many orders are paid for
  • Look through the details of the orders and watch the statuses of orders to know when to expect payment.

Communicate with the administration of the site, make suggestions on advertising, get information materials - flyers, business cards, banners

Accumulate funds on your account, and then display them in any available way!

What do we offer?!

partnership's compensation

15% from the attracted customer and 5% from the attracted author

Stable income

You receive income on a permanent basis from the involved users

Transparent statistics

In your personal account you can track all actions in detail - statistics

Promotional materials

Personal links, buttons, banners and more

History of Charges

Viewing the history of the partner reward from the attracted users for each order

Withdrawal of funds

Take out the money earned by the way convenient for you


We provide ongoing support. Contact us in a way convenient for you.

information about order

Access to detailed information about the order of the attracted user

Tracking orders by status

Watch the statuses of orders to know when will be awarded

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