How do you like the teacher? - 7 trouble-free ways

How do you like the teacher? - 7 trouble-free ways

About how to cause the location of such an important person for us, we'll talk in this article.


Good advice to please the teacher

If you do not know how to arrange a teacher for yourself and even win his respect, then this information is for you. Sometimes it is not enough to know the subject itself in order to get a satisfactory mark for the exam. We have prepared seven excellent tips, with which you can easily please the teacher.

  • The most important at first is not to miss the first classes, where you can establish contact with the new teacher, and find out what type of pupils he likes. Especially do not be late for classes, or worse than missing it at all.
  • Draw attention, asking interesting questions, talk on fascinating topics. Especially teachers appreciate the interest in incomprehensible moments in the information they provide, because they see your interest, which is very important for them.
  • It's hard to be unwell, and if you do not greet the teacher, then nothing good should be expected from this. Do this and behind the walls of the educational institution, while calling him by name and patronymic, which many students, unfortunately do not know.
  • Your appearance is no less important, because if you look untidy, then you will not get any sympathy. Stick to accuracy. The same is true of the design of written works, which must be handed over in the specified period.
  • Do not forget to congratulate the teacher on various holidays, because he will accurately assess such attention, and will be a little lenient to you in a difficult situation for you.
  • Find the number of the first five during the exam and significantly increase your chances of a positive mark.
  • Thoroughly prepare for the lesson. If you do not have enough time to perform more complex tasks - better give it to professionals. For example, it's enough to order a powerpoint presentation, rather than spending a lot of time on it.

After studying all these little tricks, you can arrange the teacher to yourself. Having seen in you an intelligent and educated person, he will respect you, therefore, no contradictions should arise.

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