How to make an invisible cheat sheet?

How to make an invisible cheat sheet?

The advantages of cheat sheets

No matter how cursed teachers and teachers, it is difficult to do without cribs. Their preparation helps to remember important information, especially if it was written manually, and not typed from the computer. During this process, two types of memory are involved: visual and mechanical. And its very presence gives confidence, without even resorting to help. The student knows that if he forgets something, then he has much to look at. The data is much faster remembered, besides, creative thinking is included.


Find answers

Students can order a control in special agencies, where professionals will find all the necessary information and structure it. You will only have to print or rewrite the work, but having missed the research aspect, knowledge will become worse. Schoolboys are much worse, because they can not buy a control, because all the material is selected by the teacher. But it's best to find information yourself, it promotes the development of memory, the ability to search and generalize data, after all, allows you to find something new that was not announced during classes.


Imperceptible cheat sheets

The sharpness of students keeps pace with progress, so now there are new methods of cheating. The main include:


  • Inscriptions;
  • "Bomb";
  • Earphone;
  • Invisible ink;
  • Messages on stationery;
  • smart watch;
  • Pen with answers;
  • A bottle of water.


In fact, this list can be continued indefinitely and in the future it will become even longer. Girls often write on their nails, fasten cribs to a skirt or leave notes on their feet. The guys do not have such an advantage, so they use other methods. In order not to rustle with paper, it can be pasted with adhesive tape, it will help to avoid unnecessary noise it will be more convenient to search for your answer.

Thanks to the development of technology, it is possible to insert a micro-earpiece into the ear and listen to the comrade's tips. Also there are special invisible ink, which after a while dry up and become visible only under ultraviolet lighting.

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