Updating of security code by registration

Updating of security code by registration

                                                    New security check on the site
Repeatedly we were approached by both authors and customers, with the request to simplify the security check on the site when placing orders, placing works for sale and registering at all.

Previously, the site used a fairly old way to protect against spam and bots.

Обновления кода безопасности при регистрации

his method involves the generation of a random sequence of letters and / or digits and the subsequent reproduction of this combination by the user. To prevent automatic recognition of this sequence by text recognition programs, the alphanumeric code was "spoiled" in different strips and colored with different colors. Actually, this was also the main reason that many could not correctly examine the letters and / or numbers that appeared. Order and registration took a very long time and not always with a positive result.

Google offers an alternative, fast, easy and 100% secure way of checking form filling and preventing spam. This is the way most sites use it. Now this check is implemented on our resource.

We hope that now there will be no problems with the submission of applications and registration!

2017-08-30 17:02:52