Updates on the main page. Section "Comments and reviews"

Updates on the main page. Section "Comments and reviews"

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The staff of our site always listens to the opinion of our users. Some customers of the site could not always understand where to start working on our site. For them, we specifically created a step-by-step instruction and posted it after the video.

Four simple steps, will help you to start working on our site and find the work you need or place an order.

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Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

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Step 4

In order that you do not search and do not go to other pages, immediately we posted a job search form in our store and an order form if you want a unique job created just for you

The next major change on the main page and on the site as a whole is the section of comments, reviews and the possibility of adding them to various pages of the site.

 Section "Comments and reviews"

Earlier the comment could be left only at the completion of work on the order. When the customer exhibited the status of the order "Successfully completed", he was offered to evaluate the work of the author, to set the number of stars for the order, to raise or lower the author's rating and leave a comment about the work done. Now, in addition, there is the opportunity to leave feedback on the work purchased, simply about the author or about the system and the work of its staff. All comments and reviews can be left only when you are in your personal account, i.e. When you registered on the site and logged in.

The buttons LEAVE A REVIEW  appeared on the pageson the works page for sale in the bookmark "I bought", as well as on the page of all comments and reviews, a link to which you can find below (footer or basement) of the site.


Well and finally ... If you want your feedback or comment, good or bad, got into the slider on the main page, then be sure to fill out all the information of your profile and be sure to add an avatar. And of course leave a beautiful, well-founded, informative review !!!

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