Signs before the defense of the diploma

Signs before the defense of the diploma

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To buy a thesis is not enough to get the diploma. It still needs to be protected in a qualitative way to get the desired assessment. At the same time you need to prepare well, but do not forget about the people's signs that will bring good luck and help on the most crucial day of each student. And although, of course, this is not a complete guarantee of obtaining the maximum score, but to add confidence they will help. So for years, the following folk characters have formed before the defense:

  • The last words. The person to whom the exam or defense is due must seek help from their friends or relative. Close people in turn should scold a student. In this case, it is impossible to recall phrases that may indicate a low intelligence. You can even come up with your own phrases, which will both scold and amuse you. Thanks to this, you can not only cheer up, but also be inspired.
  • On the way to the educational institution, you should avoid all the cats that meet. In this case, it does not matter whether it is black or multicolored, but it is necessary to bypass it.
  • Another effective way is to kiss the nose from fellow-sufferers.
  • In the morning you need to get up with the right foot, as well as enter the room where the event will take place. However, some sources say that this should be the right leg, and others that the left one, so you need to determine in advance which foot brings you more happiness.
  • When you are going to defend the thesis or the exam, you need to wear already worn and not flashy things.


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